Coach S

KETTLER COACH S is the latest addition to the S-Line family. An authentic wooden rowing seat and timber hand grips by the ship building company Empacher create the visual effect of an actual rowing boat on this high-performance training device. Rowing engages virtually all muscle groups in the body and helps burn above average amounts of calories. That is why the activity enjoys an ever larger following. The indoor rowing machine won't have you fighting against the tide, you'll be training comfortably at home in your living room.

Boston Beltdrive

What a cool bike! This bike needs no motor – it wants to be driven by pedal. But with the belt drive, that's a snap as well. The ride is easy, quiet, and clean. The new tyre size is not just an eye-catcher: it combines agility and smoothness for a perfect riding experience.

Fresh. Modern. Trendy

FRESH COLOURS MAKE YOU HAPPY! The perfect summer day, spent in the garden, enjoying the sun – the fresh colours of the stackable KETTLER Happy armchairs emanate a cheerful atmosphere and will make every outdoor fan’s heart beat faster. The comfortable, sturdy armchairs of the Happy series come in a trendy, modern design and ensure an upbeat and serene ambience.

Sketch & Pong

Sketch & Pong! That's how tomorrow's pros like to get fit! Mark down your target points and zones so you can see how you improve from day to day! Simply note down your scores and hits on the board. Feeling creative? Why not create your very own design on the board! That's how you'll be the big winner in every match – no matter what's the score. KETTLER says: good Sketch – good Pong!

Comfortable. Stylish. Innovative

Comfort newly defined! Just let yourself go, relax and forget the worries of the day. Especially in summer, the garden invites you to linger in the sunshine – whether with friends, family or just a time out for you. With Arenga, KETTLER offers innovation for unique seating comfort and perfect moments of relaxation. The innovative and flexible Secotex outdoor knit, with fabric look and a pleasant feel, ensures especially comfortable and relaxing seating.

LOGO series

The LOGO desk range is characterised by its virtually endless possibilities for individual design. Optional coloured side panels or coloured decorative rings make these furniture items a highlight for any room. All models are height adjustable and will become trusted companions for many years.

It's off to the park with friends!

IT'S OFF TO THE PARK WITH FRIENDS Finally the first rays of sun provide a hopeful sign of a beautiful spring. All the children want is: to go outside and play. Capt’n Kiddy, Lady Stella and Giacomo are lined up, ready to drive off. They are the new KETTLER trio. With them, every excursion becomes an exciting adventure, as these three combine playing and riding fun to perfection, and it's off to the park with friends!


KETTLER HERK is the perfect power tower for home fitness enthusiasts, and offers a multitude of power-building exercises. Training options include chin-ups, bench presses, squats, abdominal training, press-ups, and dips. The robust and space-saving multigym is made from premium quality KETTLER steel profile.


WELCOME TO CHILDREN'S PARADISE! A child's bedroom must have a lot to offer when it comes to playing, crafting, having fun. It is the home of little princesses or pirates, where a wardrobe can become Aladdin's cave in a heartbeat. The lovingly designed children's bedroom Julia will offer kids a wonderful environment for growth for many years.

Blue skies, bright sunshine – this is summer at its finest

PALMA Blue skies, bright sunshine – this is summer at its finest. Starting now, outdoor living is back. The family can get together for a siesta in the shade of the old trees. A light lunch, a cool drink, and a moment of solitude. The wonderfully comfortable armchairs from the "Palma" range await you and will contribute to your cheery, relaxed mood.

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